Little Lion P.A.W.S. Program for Incoming Kindergarten Students!

PAWSLittle Lion P.A.W.S. Parent and Pre-Kindergartner Program

At Greensburg Salem, we believe that “effort creates ability!” Now, we are able to offer parents and their children a Pre-Kindergarten Literacy and Math Program that encourages young families to make an effort to help their child experience success in Kindergarten. By being involved in their child’s learning, parents will be helping to extend their child’s ability. Together, the parents and their children will be able to practice the strategies they learn with the Kindergarten teachers.

We will provide the opportunity for parents to have specific ideas for a variety of learning activities in the areas of reading, writing and math. Teachers will model best practices, and will engage the parents and their children in activities to help to prepare them for Kindergarten. Books, educational materials, and parent information will be distributed to the families to use at home over the summer before the Kindergarten session begins.

It is important that parents feel welcome at the elementary school their child will attend. Our Little Lion P.A.W.S. Program for Pre-Kindergartners and their parents is a less formal, positive contact between teachers and the families that can create a lasting, trusting connection that personalizes each elementary school within the Greensburg Salem School District.

 Goals of the Program:

  1. Provide clear strategies to promote Reading Readiness
  2. Provide clear strategies to promote Writing Readiness
  3. Provide clear strategies to promote Math Readiness
  4. Provide a smooth transition to Kindergarten
  5. Create a sense of connectedness between families, elementary schools and Kindergarten teachers

What this program can provide for parents (Bernard, 2001):

  1. Higher educational aspirations for their children
  2. More satisfaction with their child’s school performance
  3. Greater parent involvement in elementary years at school

What this program can provide for children:

  1. Promotes bonding between parent, child and Kindergarten teacher
  2. Build confidence in child as a life-long learner
  3. Spark an interest in learning


Parents who attend programs like this are more likely to:

  1. Read to their children
  2. Engage their children in literacy and math activities outside of the school setting
  3. Support their child’s learning at home
  4. Network with other school families
  5. Support the Kindergarten teacher to help their child achieve success in school